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Providing Orthotics for Painful Plantar Fasciitis

person walking with foot painAs your feet are the foundation of your body, you need them to function optimally. At 120 Chiropractic Inc., we offer orthotics (shoe inserts) to address various foot conditions, one of the most common ones being plantar fasciitis. This condition affects the bottom of the foot (i.e. the plantar surface). Fascia is the connective tissue that attaches to the bottom of the heel and to the front of the foot on the bottom aspect.

What Are Some Symptoms?

People with plantar fasciitis often find that when they get up in the morning and step down, they’ll experience a burning sensation on the bottom of their foot. This may occur when the fascia gets shortened at night, and then as people begin to walk during their day the fascia gets stretched, irritated, and may become inflamed. Plantar fasciitis may stem from ankle and foot injuries. It also may occur from knee, hip, or spine problems.

How We May Help

Before you get orthotics, here’s what you can expect from an orthotic evaluation with our office:

  • A full assessment, including the spine, knee, ankle, and foot
  • X-rays of the feet and spine may be taken
  • Orthopedic testing of the ankles, feet, knees, spine and hips
  • Chiropractic assessment of the spine and lower extremities using palpation
  • Postural evaluations
  • A Foot Leveler 3-D scanner to assess arch height, weight distribution in your feet, hip rotation, shoulder imbalances, and pelvic imbalances. This scan provides you with a visual representation of what’s going on with your body.
If Dr. Andosca determines you can benefit from orthotics, he’ll provide chiropractic adjustments along with the orthotics.


How long do orthotics last?

If someone wears their orthotics a lot, they could last a year, perhaps even a few years.

How much do they cost?

The orthotics that we recommend are relatively inexpensive at under $100. “I’ve found that some of the more costly orthotics are not as effective as the ones we use,” said Dr. Andosca.

Can the orthotics be used in different shoes?

Yes, you can move them from shoe to shoe.

When will I start experiencing improvement?

Typically, we will see results within 4-6 weeks of consistent chiropractic care, as well as using the orthotics.

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