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Consider Natural Chiropractic Your First Choice in Health Care

person getting a chiropractic back adjustmentIn our “pill for every ill” society, many people only experience symptom relief from drugs and surgery. That’s because those conventional approaches only offer an outside-in bandage solution. They don’t address the root cause. Chiropractic, on the other hand, is about engaging our natural healing abilities. The body is designed to be self-healing and self-regulating through the nervous system, provided that interferences to the functioning of our nervous system are removed.

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractic care removes interferences in the functioning of our nervous system, which corrects and maintains our health. “We are supposed to be healing from above down inside out—from our brain down through our spinal cord out through the nerves to the organs, tissues and cells. Our body functions at a much higher level when our spine and extremities are in the best position,” said Dr. Andosca.

A Patient Success Story

One of Dr. Andosca’s patients had been coming to him for a while under a spinal corrective care program. She had been doing well, but after experiencing a significant trial, the patient was under enormous stress. The patient also did a lot of yard work that created physical stress.

That combination of emotional and physical stress overwhelmed her spine and nervous system. Since the patient was in the middle of her corrective care plan her body could not yet sustain that massive overload of stress.

She immediately went to her PCP and received a steroid injection, which she said did nothing for her. Her PCP even told her not to go to the chiropractor. Fortunately, the patient didn’t take her doctor’s advice. She called our practice and we strongly encouraged her to come in. Dr. Andosca adjusted the patient, and immediately after her adjustments she could stand up and walk much better without as much pain. Since then, she has resumed her corrective care plan and is doing a lot better.

More Than Back Pain Relief

Many people think of chiropractic as only getting your neck and back cracked. They are not taught that chiropractic ultimately works to improve the functioning of your nervous system. Dr. Andosca carefully monitors the functioning of your nervous system through a spinal corrective care program.

Every day, Dr. Andosca helps patients of all ages enjoy optimal health. He’s treated lots of babies with acid reflux, projectile vomiting, digestive issues, insomnia, ear infections, and more. Dr. Andosca also has helped thousands of adults with more than just musculoskeletal complaints (i.e. neck and back complaints). He has helped adult patients with cholesterol issues, blood glucose issues, blood pressure problems, allergies, insomnia, acid reflux and more.

“While medicine has its place, it’s only part of the puzzle. Chiropractic can play a much larger role than most people are taught,” said Dr. Andosca. “My hope is that people unlearn the standard medical approach of drugs and surgery first, and instead opt more often for chiropractic care first to get their nervous system functioning better,” he added. “When we get your nervous system functioning better, you tend to have better health.”

Take That First Step Toward Optimal Health

You don’t have to resort to injections, medication, or surgery first. These methods and procedures often have very significant side effects. Instead consider making a visit to our practice first. Contact 120 Chiropractic Inc. today to book an appointment!


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