Headaches & Migraines

If you are someone living in Portland and suffering from chronic or even lifelong headaches or migraines, you may consider how chiropractic care may help you.  At 120 Chiropractic Inc. we offer very thorough evaluations and custom corrective care plans to help you with these types of issues.  Anyone in the Portland area may benefit from our professional help since we have helped so many people living with headaches and migraines to reduce and/or resolve them.


Causes of Headache and Migraine Pain

Dr. Henre J. Andosca at 120 Chiropractic Inc. in NE Portland, OR has had tremendous success with helping patients with headaches and/or migraines.

If you have headaches and/or migraines, you may have disturbances in your spine due to subluxation.  The lay term for subluxation is misalignment which occurs from overloads of stress to your spine from our daily lives.   Subluxations may occur from emotional stress (e.g. you have a fight with a loved one or friend), physical stress (e.g. the stress due to gravity, lifting, bending, working out, walking, standing, sitting), and chemical stress (e.g. the stress from foods that we eat, the air that we breathe, and the chemicals in our environment).  Every day our spine must manage these stressors, and often our spine gets pushed around by these stressors, ultimately leading to small shifts or “subluxations” to our spine.  Then, our bodies adapt to these shifts or subluxations almost immediately because our bodies and nervous systems are designed to survive and keep going no matter what.

Subluxations in your spine can lead to disturbances in your nervous system which may cause your body not to function well or efficiently.  We are supposed to be self-healing and self-regulating through our nervous systems (i.e. our brain, spinal cord, and nerves that come out of the spinal cord).  Subluxations cause overloads of stress to build up in our nervous system.  Ultimately, when subluxations are not corrected over time our bodies may start to break down which may lead to dis-ease and dys-function.  Many times, headaches and migraines reduce and/or resolve when subluxations in your spine are corrected. 

Our office director, Dr. Henre J. Andosca performs thorough evaluations of your spine and nervous system to start, including taking any medically necessary x-rays with our on-site digital x-ray system to determine exactly where you need your spine corrected.  Dr. Andosca will then create a customized spinal corrective care plan to help correct your spine and improve the functioning of your nervous system so that your body can heal itself.  Dr. Andosca will provide you with gentle and specific adjustments to your spine and provide you with therapies to help support those adjustments.  He then will closely monitor your response to your spinal correction with thermography and x-ray. 

Thermography is one of the tools that Dr. Andosca uses to evaluate the tension within your nervous system.  Dr. Andosca will show you before and after pictures of your thermography scans and your x-rays from when you started, and then along the way through your spinal correction.  He will provide you with comparison x-rays to see how your spine improves and corrects through your spinal corrective care plan.

Dr. Andosca will also teach you ways to improve your posture and provide you with specific exercises for you to do at home to help support your spinal correction. 

“I went in so emotional and physically drained that my body was not working the way I needed it to. Dr. Andosca gave me hope and so much support. Grateful for the experience with this team. I definitely recommend!”  Maria S. 

“I don't know what I would have done if I had not been referred to Dr. Andosca.  He sat with me and took the time to explain my condition and my course of treatment - it was the first time I felt like someone was listening to me.  I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Andosca.”  Kaden S.

Contact us at (503) 506-5120 or at [email protected] to find out if Dr. Andosca can help you with your headaches and/or migraines.




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